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Reviews and comments

"A labour of love, this photobook proves a fascinating project. It is a rich blend of history, personal tales from those who live there, poetry, prose and striking photographs"  

  Living Magazine,

  Isle of Wight 

"Marvellous"  Brian Hinton

“I think the book is a triumph. My family are going to love it!”.  Brough Scott


"Thank you for the beautiful book which arrived today. You have done a wonderful job compiling this publication. Your passion and love of the area shines through and I am sure the book will be well received". Mark


"Just given this beautiful book by talented local artist, historian and photographer Rosy Burke to my husband Bob for his birthday. It's an absolute delight". Lis


"Just got my copy through the post, thank you so much, its lovely, I spent a lot of my summers as a kid on the beach and then lived and worked at Compton farm for about 8 years. I always pop back to say hello when I'm back over and last year we camped at the farm for my wife's 50th birthday, so its a very special place to me! Thanks again".  Gary


"Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your lovely publication. I shall enjoy having a proper look through it. I particularly love the picture with the Thimble still standing".  Robin


"Book arrived today, love it! Nice personal touches!"  Colin


"Many thanks for sending me a copy of your delightful book about Compton. It’s lovely to see all your vison and hard work come together. So lovely to see Tao the cat in his old surroundings, he's just had his 13th birthday. Best wishes and many thanks".  Mary


“Your book is so very personal and full of sun and light and delightful sketches and photographs. The mix of fact and feeling evokes a Compton past and present. If people want to find out more about the flowers, rocks or any other aspects of Compton, you have shown them the depth of interest to be found in one small landscape”.  Sue


“Beautiful read”.  Karen


“Thank you very much for sending the beautiful book. I’m very pleased to have it. Stunning photos! I will circulate details”.  Lydia


“Wow Rosy, it's so beautifully done and although I've never been to Isle of Wight and haven't even finished reading it, it's certainly got me interested as I believe it would anyone. You've done an amazing job producing such a wonderfully informative book with charming prose and a host of fabulous photos and sketches to back it all up. I think this is the type of book which will prove to be of interest way outside of the island as it's a super coffee table book and your personal insight and memories along with other local folks – perhaps a hardback in the future . . .”.  Barbara

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