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About the book

From the skies to the seas –
a love letter to the landscape

A photo book by Rosy Burke

In lockdown Rosy Burke, photographer, graphic designer and painter, longed to get back to her favourite place on the Isle of Wight. She dreamed of splashing along the beach or walking the downs with the blue butterflies. So she dreamed up, wrote and designed her first book, ‘Compton – from the skies to the seas – a love letter to the landscape’.

She tells true interesting and funny stories gathered from people she chased after in the landscape from hang-gliders and paragliders to divers and surfers, lifeboatmen, farmers, geologists, fishermen, palaeontologists, archaeologists, holidaymakers and passers by.

Written in poetry prose it's forty pages are crammed with over 140 photos and illustrations.

The book costs £15 including post and packing – you can buy from this Link with a bank card or through Paypal:

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